If the product you downloaded does not work, check the following:

Did you unzip the file before opening it?

We send the files in a compressed format (.zip files) for faster downloads. We recommend that you extract the zip file before using the template.

To unzip the file: Right click on the file and select “Extract All…”. You will see a message that will ask you where you want to save the extracted files.

Is Microsoft Excel / Power BI installed on your computer?

Excel templates require Excel to function, Power BI templates require Power BI to function.

Do you have the required software version and add-ons?

Check the software version and add-ons requirements on the product page.

Have you enabled macros?

Excel templates contain macros (computer code). You must enable macros before you can run the template.
To enable macros: When opening the file, Excel asks you if you want to enable macros. To activate them, simply click on the “Activate Content” button.

Did you read the “User Guide” of the template file?

On all template files, we include a “User Guide” sheet that explains how to use the file and its features.

Have you watched the product video (if available)?

Watch the how-to video on the product page that shows how to use the file and its features.

Have you made any changes to the file?

Sometimes users can accidentally break the template by overwriting formulas or removing a help column etc. For this reason, the file is protected with a password. However, all our templates are delivered with the password which allows any update, and it is possible that modifications have been made to the file.

We recommend that you download a new version of the file. You can download your file again from your account.
As a precaution: when downloading the file, keep one version of the file and work on a copy.

If, despite everything, you are unable to get the downloaded product to work, please email us the file and describe the difficulties encountered.