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If the template you downloaded does not work properly, please check the following:

You did not unzip the file before opening it

For faster download the templates are sent in a compressed format (.zip files). You must extract the zip file before using the template.

To unzip the file: Right click on the zip file and select “Extract All….” You will see a message that will ask you where you want to save the extracted files.

There are empty rows at the end of one or more tables

Make sure you do not leave any empty row on any table: Check each Excel sheet.

There is missing data

1- Read the “User Guide” sheet to find out what data to enter and how to enter it.
2- Use table’s AutoFilter to filter your data and check if there is missing ones. Example: filter the “Start Date” column to check if there is (empty) Start Dates.
3- Enter the missing data.

There are data entry errors

Example of an entry error on Invoice Date: “10/08/223” instead of “10/08/2023”.

Example of an entry error on Payment Term: “30 days” instead of the number “30”.

If you copy data from another file, special characters or non-printable characters may be present in the data. Dates, for example, will not be recognized as “Date” data by Excel.

If you are importing data from another file, always make sure to paste only the “Values”:

  • Copy the data with the shortcut key CTRL+C
  • On the destination cell, use the shortcut key CTRL+ALT+V, then select the “Value” option.

Otherwise, first copy and paste the data into a text editor such as Notepad++, before copying/pasting it into Excel from Notepad++.

There are duplicates

Some data must be unique, one per row. Example: Employee ID, Training ID, Skill Label, Registration Number, etc.

Read the “User Guide” sheet to find out what data to enter and how to enter it.

You deleted all rows of a data table before entering your data

There are formulas on the rows or data tables.

It is necessary that you do not delete all the rows of data tables: Leave at least 1st row then replace sample data with your data.

You left the template sample data

Make sure the tables contain only your company’s data. Check each Excel sheet.

You have not selected the current year on the Dashboard

On the Dashboard, make sure to select the current year on the “Date” slicer. Example, select 2023 if it is 2023.

Make sure that you have previously entered/imported the data for the year 2023.

You have made changes that cause malfunctions

Sometimes users can break analyses, for example by deleting a column or overwriting formulas.

We recommend downloading the file again from your account.

As a precaution: When downloading the file, keep one version of the file and work on a copy.

Also, please check that:

You are using a Windows PC, not a MAC

The templates work only on Windows PC, they do not work on MAC.

You are using Microsoft Excel 2016 or higher with Power Pivot add-in

👉🏼 Watch this video to find out if your Excel version includes the Power Pivot add-in.

You have enabled Macros

1- In Windows Explorer: right-click the template file, choose “Properties” then check “Unblock” checkbox.
2- Then, when opening the Excel file, Activate the content: Click on “Enable Content” button.

If, despite everything, you are unable to get the downloaded product to work, please email us the file and describe the difficulties encountered.