Planning and Budgeting Dashboard


This Excel template allows you to create budget and to monitor it by controlling revenue and expenses variance

This Excel template allows you to create budget and to monitor it by controlling revenue and expenses variance.

Automated budgeting with the budget planning simulations:

  • The budget planning tool allows you to create an annual budget using 2 budgeting methods: Incremental Budgeting and Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) or a combination of the two
  • It allows you to have a quick analysis of the projected budget for the next year compared to the actual results of the previous year: variance of total revenue, expenses, profit and profit margin

Budget vs Actuals variance analysis, budget monitoring and control:

  • Monitor the variance between the financial KPIS of the Budget vs Actual: total revenues, total expenses, profit, and profit margin
  • Track, analyze and compare actual revenue and expenses against budget in detail
  • View indicators of budget expenses overrun as well as indicators of non-achievement of revenue
  • Track the revenue, expenses and profit trends

Using this template is very easy:

  • Define the hierarchy of revenue and expenses Items
  • Create the annual budget using the budget planning tool
  • Regularly Enter or import actual data


Template Requirements and How to Use:

  • Works on PC with Windows.
  • Does not work on MAC.
  • Requires Microsoft Excel version 2013 or higher with Power Pivot add-in. 👉🏼 Watch this video to find out if your Excel version includes the Power Pivot add-in.
  • Allow Macros to run (enable content when opening file).
  • Ready-to-use template, just enter or import your data.
  • Dashboard ready to be printed.
  • Instructions on the Excel sheet “User Guide”.

Customizable template:

Colors, fonts, and all style attributes can be changed to suit your needs. If you want to make changes on your own, just enter the password included with the file to unlock the template.

Included in the download:

  • A template with sample data
  • An empty template, ready to receive your data.

Download link:

  • Downloads are available from your account once your payment is confirmed.


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